Architectural Manufacturers in Cheshire



We’ve seen you safely on your holiday, tunnelled footballers to that important match, created innovative solutions to transportation needs, but above all else we've made people happy with our bespoke custom designs and architectural creations. We work primarily with the engineering, welding and fabrication of steel, but we also source a variety of other materials such as glass, granite and wood. Whatever you would like, we’ll go out of our way to create you something incredible that not only last's your lifetime but your grandchildren as well.


We get our inspiration from Uncle Clive. He was an inventor, and somewhat of a genius, and together we ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records. We designed, engineered, constructed, and then rode, the worlds smallest functional motorcycle. It was a challenge to do, and that’s what we thrive on. We love the thrill of doing something different, something that hasn’t been done before.


No project is ever the same for us. We like to consistently challenge ourselves and get creative with our designs and fabrications. We’ve worked for large commercial companies such as Manchester Airport and The City of Manchester Stadium, and constructed detailed bespoke furniture for individual clients. We rely on just one thing. Word of mouth and the gratitude of our happy clients.